I was born and raised on the Mendocino Coast of California. Being raised in a remote area fostered a big imagination and a desire to explore the world. I developed my brand, CHACHAMAY, after graduating from GIA as a Graduate Gemologist, and finding out I had more passion for bringing strange wonders of nature to people’s lives than being over a microscope. I had been living out my dreams of traveling to exotic places, meeting artists, living between Oakland and New York, and seeing life from new perspectives always inspired me. I’d always wanted to share the things I came across that struck some kind of emotion, or interest for me, and that I felt could do the same for others. I constantly fall in love with art in all forms, design, making home, eating beautiful food, creating jewelry, science, psychology, and studying the wonders of this planet. Through CHACHAMAY I aim to share not only my love of fashion and jewelry, but tips on travel, ideas and inspiration for making home, books I’ve been impacted by, and anything wellness related that I hope brings benefits to our community. My mission is to encourage people of all backgrounds to explore and achieve their version of living fully.

- Chelsea Vaughn